Organisation Profile


A world-class player in the mobility market, we are a Group with a solid business base operating in 20 countries, committed to the production of unrestricted, environmentally-friendly forms of travel suitable for all types of passenger.

Transdev is organised into seven geographical areas

  • France
  • Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium)
  • North America (USA, Canada)
  • Germany
  • The UK and Northern Europe (Finland, Ireland, Sweden)
  • Asia and the Pacific (Australia, China, South Korea, India, New Zealand)
  • Southern Europe and the rest of the world (Chile, Colombia, Morocco, Portugal, Spain)

Transdev is one of the largest public transport operators in Europe with a reputation for delivering high quality local public transport. Transdev is active in all aspects of public transport provision from the organisation and management of major projects to the development of passenger services and the operation of networks. Every year 3.5 billion passengers travel on Transdev’s tram, metro, train, transport on demand, bus and coach networks.

Transdev group’s UK division is a major passenger transport company employing over 1,600 staff. These operations include bus, coach and private hire services; more information on each of these can be located on this website.

Progressing to autonomy

We firmly believe that shared autonomous transport is set to radically change the way we travel and, on a broader scale, the way we live (through flexible, personalised and accessible services, more stops and more regular services, reduced noise and air pollution…). This represents an excellent opportunity for local authority transport networks due to the fact that shared autonomous mobility services will be rolled out before personal autonomous vehicles. Our ambition? To apply our understanding of the needs of each region to the gradual and successful integration of these technologies into public transport networks.

MaaS: a new way to consume mobility

In the same way travellers consume online video, and telephone and internet services, they now have access to a range of transport services that is not only simpler with regard to ticket purchasing, but also broader and more practical. By grouping all local transport services, bicycles, carpooling and taxi services under one fixed-rate payment, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) simplifies and enhances the traveller experience to promote the use of public transport. MaaS is a real revolution in the way it is helping people organise the way they travel.