H3B Media Services

With the availability of enhanced capabilities using digital media formats, H3B Media is able to deliver support to your business using an extensive range of integrated digital media.

H3B Media is a client-focused multimedia, production and events company specialising in promoting technology. For many years both locally and internationally we have built up a very detailed understanding of the wider picture of policy – strategy – finance – innovation – implementation – integration and interoperability within a number of different specialist domains.

As the media market has changed so has the offerings provided by H3B Media. We have significantly enhanced our offerings to enable us to deliver targeted services in support of organisations seeking to exploit international markets. We have an extensive team of Associated with the real-world experience they can use to support you on the journey using digital media and other techniques to maximise your market penetration.

H3B Media currently produce four highly respected International magazines: Thinking Highways Europe/RoW, Thinking Highways North America, Thinking Cities, and Tolling Review with over 70 International specialist writers, (creating the strongest editorial board on any transportation industry magazine anywhere in the world!). These publications and much more is also available via the digital platform delivering online versions and a fully interactive multi-level knowledge-based website. Special publications such as Connected North America supplement the published media.

Listed below are details of the H3B Media services we are able to provide to support the enhanced profile and improved market awareness in the Smart City domain for companies, cities and academia to increase revenue including:

• Content Creation Support
• Creating City Profiles
• Producing Special Targeted Publications
• Audio Content
• Facilitating Virtual Roundtables
• Video/Animation/Computer Graphics Imagery Creation
• Organising Special Events
• Chairing Blue Sky Thinking Days
• Spoken Presentation Training
• Social Media Management
• Digital Platform Design and Optimisation
• Website Analytics and insights
• Graphic Design Services
• Global Outreach

Content Creation Support

“Good Content is what makes people take action”
With 30 years in multi-media, the world of communication is a very different place now than the one we started in, as customers are hyper-connected in today’s market. They use multiple devices and channels to access an inexhaustible avalanche of information in real time. For many businesses this has become a real problem as they struggle to maintain the frequency and quality of content required to compete.

So how can you create influence and leadership?
Creating a team that truly understands your market, who have a wider perspective and can produce valuable, relevant, consistent and actionable content. H3B Media, through many years of customer research, have assembled an elite team who provide this with a bespoke and flexible service for Content Creation. The team can bring true insight and depth to your content that will help you compete effectively and efficiently, whilst providing unique benefits critical in today’s market.

Creating City Profiles

In H3B Media we have recognised that promotion by a city of its investment plans especially in the area of Smart City projects can be a challenging exercise. To help a city produce a quality product, H3B Media will work with the city team to produce a publication that reflects the ambitions of a city. We will gather information through targeted workshops, we will engage with the city leaders to understand their vision and we will produce the final publication using our years of experience in the media business. This can be supplemented through the provision of multi-media presentations such as video and social media material emphasising the benefits the citizens of that city will achieve as a result of these projects being implemented.

Producing Special Targeted Publications

By having an agile and multi-disciplined team H3B Media can provide specific content publications, to suit any organisations’ specific needs, whether it be extremely focused or of a wider context.

These publications can be about a corporate merger to show how the products of the merged company are all embracing, it could be a publication associated with a new service offering or it could be the show how the solutions a company has delivered is everything a client in the Smart City domain could ever need. Once we understand the objective behind the publication we will be able to assemble a high-quality production team to deliver the publication.

A city who has developed their Smart City vision may want to present it in a written format such that the public can have their own copy. Whatever the reason H3B Media can support you in preparing the messaging within the content, imagery and the publication of the final document to the highest quality.

Audio Content

Every organisation is always wondering “how can we increase engagement?” Content is usually the answer and can come in many different forms. An often-forgotten form is audio which has proven to have some of the highest engagement rates and is a great way to deliver information to a user.

By adding audio content to your communications will only increase the personality and character to a company. Something that clients look for when making a buying decision. By hearing directly from a founder, CEO, the leadership team, or the creator of a product, allows users to be engaged, and connect with them on a personal level.

There is something very honest and authentic about audio. We capture voices through casual conversations that are directed by questions and topics from our reporting team, who bring their wealth of knowledge to the fore which, when combined with their relaxed demeanour and easy-going style, makes for an engaging, comfortable listening experience for our global audience. It’s not scripted, rehearsed, or overly practiced, it’s real.
Audio delivers content in a no fuss, authentic way that allows users to easily comprehend.
Businesses and more specifically marketing teams are often given a tight budget and struggle to do the best they can to get the most engaging content possible.
H3B Media presents its audio content in several different offerings: individual interviews (with thought leaders, innovators, etc) event specials (from global congresses, seminars and annual meetings), documentary podcasts and themed content.

Facilitating Virtual Roundtables

We all lead busy lives. We don’t always get the time to attend every seminar, workshop, debate, congress or conference that we’d like to, and quite often live webinars are held in different time zones and we can’t just stop what we’re doing and spend two hours at our time listening to them when we’re supposed to be doing “real” work.

Virtual Roundtables offer that solution and one that H3B media provides in the creation, hosting and distribution of, as a focused knowledge sharing service. Our Roundtable discussions look at the industry’s burning issues and important questions from local, national and international perspectives and, just as pertinently, from both the public and private viewpoints.

Conducted using virtual conferencing technology, each of our roundtables are a series of pre-recorded 60 – 90 minutes of debate-led webinars, where industry thought leaders, independently moderated by our senior experts, address the hot topics in the smart city mobility, intelligent transportation and advanced traffic management spheres, whist be connected from their office or home, on any devise, in any location and supported by our in-house technical team.

It saves time, resource and creates actionable insight quickly and has been developed to integrate digital, print and new media elements by actively creating high-quality content that is keenly relevant, topical, timely and with longevity in mind.
So, work with our senior team, and their extensive industry contacts to identify the most relevant discussions or tailor content that addresses your challenges now and in the future.

Video / Animation / Computer Graphics Imagery Creation

Without a doubt, one of the major professional challenges for Marketing and Digital Communications is to find content capable of standing out in the competitive digital environment. Getting your audience’s attention is one of the key parts of marketing your products, solutions, services, thought leadership and ethos.

With the increased capabilities of today’s animation software, it is possible to create highly visual presentations to maximise the impact on potential buyers. From the inclusion of 2-D animation in PowerPoint to the presentation of a vision for a future solution using todays imaging techniques the outcomes can be impressive. Taking basic information from CAD drawings, combine it with a story containing the messages a company is trying to get across, the animation team can deliver a state-of-the-art visualisation of what you see the future looking like in a way that the viewer can fully understand as they will be immediately able to relate the solutions capabilities to their own environment. If you want to demonstrate how your solutions have evolved over time using a documentary approach we can deliver that for you.

Organising Special Events

H3B Media has over 15 years’ experience in arranging and bringing together internationally recognised speakers for H3B Media hosted conferences, special interest sessions at major international conferences, bringing together industry experts to discuss key topics using roundtable format and structured interviews for subsequent distribution via the media channels. The H3B team are also able to provide PR and marketing support to individual companies to bring new products and services to market.

Chairing Blue Sky Thinking Days

A city is thinking of changing the way it informs its public transport users of mode optimisation but is unsure of which way to go in terms of technology – a company is looking to diversify its product range to extend into a previously untapped market.

H3B can help to expedite this process by bringing together a range of experts with diverse backgrounds and opinions, sitting them together in a room with a white board or a flip-chart and, quite simply, talking it through. A loose agenda where “anything goes” in terms of ideas and Blue-Sky Thinking is proposed; the host provides some background notes and some light refreshments and at the end of the day or half-day all thoughts and ideas are transcribed into a workable document. Only H3B has the knowledge, expertise, longevity and contacts to ensure that the host city or company maximises the unique set of results.

Spoken Presentation Training

Many organisations are presented with the option to promote their products and services at events where they typically have a short slot to get their key points over. Some are planned events some are by chance. It is therefore very important that the individuals doing the presentations are schooled in the art of good oral presenting. This, combined with how to visually structure any associated presentation slides, will ensure the maximum impact from the short time a presenter has to get their message across. It could be a sales pitch at a key meeting, it could be a chance meeting at an event the message has to be presented clearly, concisely and with the maximum retention on the part of the audience. Our team here at H3B Connected have specialist in this area to train staff for key presentations.

Social Media Management

Social Media is attracting an increasing proportion of human attention, but not all platforms are equal. Management of social media requires attention to detail and a steady stream of articles. Simply sending out the same content of each of your platforms signals that you don’t care about the community you are part of and can have a lasting damaging effect on your company image.

Our social media experts work with you to help identify your message to the market, look at which platforms would perform best and help you create content that maximises engagement on each of the selected platforms. We also help you schedule content to serve a consistent message to your audience and listen out for any responses and sentiment around your messaging.

Our own social media team may not be huge, but it’s perfectly formed containing influencers and market leaders in your specialist market.

Graphic Design Services

Visual impact is often not just the first touch point people have with your organisation, brand or project – it is what people remember.

Whether it is something as simple as a sales or marketing brochure or a complex mobile application, the design layer is a fundamental aspect of how it works. Through our model for providing bespoke support services to the industry, we can source and manage the designer with the right skills, experience and creative style to make sure you deliver on your targets and promises.

Digital Platform Design and Optimisation

Our team of experts can take an idea and transform it into a fully responsive, cutting-edge digital asset. Internet engagement is much wider than a website, we provide services to optimise Search (SEO), drive traffic from Social Media platforms, create influence via expert outposts (Reddit, Medium etc.) and most of all help you create engaging content.

Website Analytics & Insights

A website offers a treasure trove of insight, everything from external engagement to onsite customer journey. Whilst a great number of website analytical services are available they offer no insight unless coupled with desired outcomes and A/B testing strategies.

H3B Connected has a team of experts waiting to help you define your goals and strategies.

Global Outreach

Most organisations today operate within the international market. Even if they don’t sell to international companies, they need to be aware of what international potential buyers and solution competitors are thinking about.

H3B Media already has a long track record in Global Outreach. Our written publications are distributed across the globe. Our digital media platform is access by those in the Smart City domain in almost every country. Through the events we have organised internationally, through the international experts that join our virtual roundtables we have an extensive international outreach of a quality that is the envy of many organisations. Our Associates are based around the globe working with international companies on a daily basis, understanding the heart beat of the Smart City domain in many of the world’s major cities.