Organisation Profile

H3B Connected Ltd

H3B Connected brings together Mobility expertise from around the globe into a single source of expertise. All are experienced practitioners currently delivering complex Smart City solutions.

All H3B Connected’s highly experienced, internationally based domain experts have a proven track in a range of functions across the industry having operated at a senior level stretching over many years in a range of different blue chip and SME companies.

Our staff continue to be involved directly in international projects with key cities where they maintain a direct involvement in the delivery of prestigious projects. This enables them to maintain an understanding of how client thinking is changing, how future needs are shaping and how the supply industry is evolving to meet the integration challenges that the Smart City domain presents. This involvement ensures H3B Connected staff maintain a leading edge understanding of current market trends.

H3B Connected Ltd, part of the H3B group of companies is able to offer a range of services using media to support organisations in winning work. The range of services provided includes:

• Supporting Winning Bid Strategies
• Facilitation of Partner Introductions
• Implementing Data Management Strategies
• Supporting Improved Market Awareness Strategies
• Mentoring Support for Business Growth
• Project Delivery Support
• Developing Smart City Strategies
• Independent Verification of Solutions
• Integration Implementation Selection and Validation Support
• Market Analysis Reports
• Preparation Support for White Papers
• Digital Business Growth Support Tools
• Pop-up Project Delivery Support Resources
• Social Media Listening, Engagement and Sentiment Analysis.

Our domain specialist are able to support companies through the provision of the niche skills outlined above.

Business Winning support services