From The Med To The North Sea: GTI Observatory turns its sights to Helgoland Island (Germany)

Following a visionary gathering in Crete, the Greening the Islands Observatory is heading for a dramatic change of scene, travelling to the North Sea for a meeting with the small German archipelago of Helgoland.

During the two-day get-together on April 23-24, this island member of the GTI Observatory, together with the island government, will involve all its key local stakeholders, utilities, corporate and industry associations members to analyse the opportunities and the key elements to make Helgoland a sustainable island.

The goal of the meeting, organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Helgoland, is to take a deep dive into the island’s status and needs, and to facilitate the origination of projects through site visits. To participate and have more information on the meeting, please visit the website at the link below.

The Greening the Islands Observatory, launched in occasion of the fifth Greening the Islands International Conference in Minorca, is a think tank aiming at analysing island needs and identifying innovative solutions in the fields of energy, water and mobility and to support the definition and the implementation of strategies and plans of governments and corporates. The first working year will involve a selected group of Islands: Egadi Archipelago (Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo – Italy), Crete (Greece), Helgoland (Germany) and Boracay (Philippines).

At a meeting earlier this year, Crete identified key actions to become a zero-emissions island by 2030 by boosting use of renewable energy and electric cars, optimising its water resources and recycling waste as a way to protect its local environment and make the island more resilient to climate change.

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